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Bead From The Heart Creations

Single Stone Wire-Wrapped Stud Earrings

Single Stone Wire-Wrapped Stud Earrings

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Handcrafted Wire-Wrapped Stud Earrings


Our wire-wrapped stud earrings are a stunning addition to any jewelry collection. These exquisite earrings, crafted with a meticulous hand and eye, feature a shimmering glass bead encircled by a wire-wrapped frame, carefully work-hardened for extra durability. Adorning any look with a subtle and tasteful embellishment, these earrings will bring you luxury-brand elegance with a touch of sparkle. Additional colors available per request.


We offer a wide selection of gemstones to choose from, including amethyst, garnet, and tiger's eye. Whether you’re looking for a pop of color or a more subtle look, we have something for everyone.


These earrings are perfect for everyday wear or special occasions. They add an elegant touch to any outfit and make a great gift for any jewelry lover.


Order your own pair of wire-wrapped stud earrings today and experience the beauty of handmade jewelry!

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