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Tiger's Eye & Black Obsidian Adjustable Bracelet

Tiger's Eye & Black Obsidian Adjustable Bracelet

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Experience the Power of Tiger's Eye & Black Obsidian Adjustable Bracelet

Discover the amazing power of the Tiger's Eye & Black Obsidian Adjustable Bracelet. Crafted with 8 mm stones, this adjustable bracelet is perfect for those who are fans of spiritual and crystal healing jewelry. With its stunning Tiger's Eye and Black Obsidian stones, it offers not just style, but also numerous healing and spiritual benefits.

When worn, Tiger's Eye is said to provide courage, strength, and personal power. It stimulates the first through the third chakras, bringing physical and mental balance and stability. Pair that with the powerful protection energy of Black Obsidian which is known to create a shield against negativity and release disharmony. This adjustable bracelet truly represents the perfect merger of beauty and high vibrational energy.

Having an adjustability of 6-12 inches, the bracelet will sit comfortably on your wrist. Easy to wear, this piece can be paired with any outfit - be it for casual wear or for a formal event. A perfect gift for yourself or for someone who appreciates the power and beauty of crystals.

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