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Empowering The Goddess 4 oz Candle

Empowering The Goddess 4 oz Candle

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Bring the empowering essence of the divine feminine into your home with our "Empowering the Goddess" 4 oz candle. This candle is perfect for those who seek to embrace their inner goddess and connect with their feminine energy.

  • Scented with Cactus Flower & Jade, this candle fills your space with a refreshing and calming aroma.
  • Embedded in the wax is a Moonstone gemstone, known for its properties of intuition and emotional balance.
  • This candle also features Motherwort & Rose herbs, carefully chosen to enhance feelings of love, peace, and empowerment.

Light this candle during meditation or any time you want to tap into your inner goddess. It also makes a great addition to any altar or sacred space. Each time you light it up, you'll be reminded of your own strength and power as a woman.

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