Unisex Bracelet Sizing

Unisex Bracelet Sizing in Inches:

S - 6 to 6.75”

M - 7 to 7.75”

L - 8 to 8.75"

XL- 9 to 9.75"

XXL- 10 to 10.75"

How to Measure Your Wrist Size at Home

With a soft measuring tape or a piece of string, measure snugly around wrist. Then place on ruler to find out your wrist size. To determine your bracelet size add 1/2" to your wrist size for a comfortable fit.

Important Notes

Based on numerous surveys, size medium tends to be the most popular for women.  Now if you know that you have a dainty or a little larger of a wrist, it is recommended to go with a S or L respectively.  For men, the most popular sizes tend to be either large or XL.  The best way to insure you are getting a proper fit is to follow the measuring recommendations above.